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In today’s competitive market, a business requires working capital to rise above its’ competition and succeed. Whether you are looking to expand your already thriving business, or need to cover your expenses, a no-hassle cash advance may be the solution.

At Qwikcap, we understand that a traditional business loan may take many things you either don’t have or can’t afford. We understand that your needs are time sensitive and you can’t allow yourself to jump through the financial hoops required from your traditional banking structure. Whether it’s bad credit, lack of time, or no credit history at all, a cash advance from Qwikcap may be exactly what you need to propel yourself upwards to your awaiting success.

With many funding and financing options available, we invite you to browse through our site to read about the different options available to you. From small to medium sized businesses, we work diligently with all our clients to help them advance in their business goals.

24 hour Approvals

24 hour Approvals

Our incredible turnaround rate means your business can be approved for funding within 24 hours.
No Hassle Approach

No Hassle Approach

Our no hassle approach means you get the funds necessary without filing mountains of paperwork and losing sleep over it.

Bad Credit Approved

Bad Credit Approved

No matter what your credit standing is, we offer competitive plans to all businesses. Apply today to get started.

QwikCap will work with your business to meet your specific funding and financing needs.

Small Business Funding

Get the funding you need to grow your business, without the hassle of dealing with banks. Whatever the size of your business, Qwikcap will work with you to create a plan that best supports future growth and expansion.

Merchant Cash Advance

Get the funding that you need now, using the income from your future.  We understand that sometimes your business needs capital, and you need it quickly. Something that can be difficult when dealing with traditional lenders, especially if you have bad credit.

Working Capital Funding

The easy way to help fund your everyday business expenses. The cash that you need to keep your business running smoothly, which differs from the major expenses such as costly new equipment or renovations.

Get your business funded and reach new heights.