What does it mean to partner with Qwikcap?

At Qwikcap there are many ways that your business can partner with us, and lots of great reasons why a partnership with us is the right partnership for you.

Not only do we offer one of the best commission structures in the industry, but our agents work around the clock to close deals in a timely manner. So, not only do our most productive partners get a maximum level of compensation but our team will never let your leads go cold.

Additionally, when working with Qwikcap, negative credit will not necessarily translate into a file decline; rather our underwriting approach views credit score as one factor to be considered in a broader equation. We will fund deals that other funders will not, simply because we employ a comprehensive underwriting formula, which seeks to understand the file both from a quantitative and qualitative side.

We currently offer the following types of partnerships:


If you’re an Independent Sales Organisation driven to succeed, then a partnership with Qwikcap can help you boost your profitability.


If you’re looking for ways to convert your business network into additional income, then a partnership with Qwikcap is the answer. If you know other business owners that are in need of working capital then we would love to meet them, and our rewards scheme means that you’ll profit just for making the introductions.


If you pride yourself on providing the most complete range of business services, a partnership that adds Qwikcap range of financing services to your roster could help you add to your revenue.

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Partnership Opportunities

To learn more about our different partnership options and to find out if a partnership with Qwikcap is right for your business, contact us by filling out the contact form and one of our dedicated team professionals will contact you shortly with further information.